About our CEO


Hi there, my name is Lexi Jackson and I am the founder of Lexxa Collection. Growing up mixed raced, I really hated my curls. As I grew older, and learned to embrace the beauty and heritage in my curls.

While on natural hair journey I found that traditional bath towels would break my edges off, dry out my ends and create so much frizz before I even began styling! Traditional bath towels were just not cutting it! Causing me unnecessary friction damage. 

 So, I sought out to find a hair towel that wouldn't cause stress and damage to my hair! The extra large microfiber towel was the first item I ever sold!  Now its my bestseller! Starting with just one item my small business has grown to carry more!

 Thank you for allowing me to take care of your hair essentials! I hope to inspire others especially women of color. We too are beautiful, capable, worthy beings!


Much love, Lexi